Practice Areas


Legal Practice Areas


We assist clients in mergers, acquisitions, company formation and shareholder rights. As well as the sale and distribution of assets/goods.

Intellectual Property Law

We help clients register and enforce their rights as owners of inventions and creators of music, designs and other works.

Property Law & Conveyancing

We arrange the sale, purchase, and lease of both private and commercial property. In support of finance and investment arrangements

Trusts, Propperty & Estate Planning

The firm has dedicated itself to providing quality legal advice and representation to enable families take advantage of opportunities

Civil Litigation

This department provides the following services essential to supporting enterprise and meeting the needs of private individuals.

Client support and value added services

We are dedicated to develop and maintain long term relationships with our clients and believe that transparency,

Alternative dispute resolution

We offer Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration services with a view to either settling matters amicably through mediation which is suitable